News | Success at Munich WDM


18-05-2015 | It was a super successful weekend in Munich, with both myself and student Briana Burgess putting in some solid performances!.

With some changes in training, and under the watchful eye of Kyra, Scandic felt the most soft and supple he has been in a test. With the handbrake still slightly until this feeling is more established, I was thrilled with Scandic in bot the Grand Prix and the Freestyle and put in some of the best, and easiest, work he has done in a competition arena. Achieving 10s for piaffe and the tranistions, the overall feeling of the test felt more smooth and positive. A glitch in an extended cost us what may have been an over 80 score, but regardless I left the arena with a smile on my face and a calm and confident Scandi Man !!!! . 

Scandic finished 4th in both tests in a very strong field, with scores of 72.460 and 78.250 respectively. 

An additional bonus to cap off a great weekend.. we won the highest point score over the World Dressage Masters Series. 
I must take this opportunity to than all involved in the WDM tour... it is fantastic for us riders to have the opportunity to earn such prizemoney ! Many thanks !. 


Briana also did a super job, finishing just shy of 70% in both the Grand Prix and the Special. Briana once again demonstrated her cool and calm focus in the arena and produced many highlights, even being awarded 8,5 of piaffe. This combination is in top form and are really looking ahead! .

It was also nice for both Briana and I to have our mothers here over the weekend!!