News | Successful double Grand prix début for Malin and Stanford


13-06-2015 |  Malin and the talented Stanford had their first ever Grand Prix today in Silverthof, and both did a very good job in thier first ever attempt. 

Finishing in 6th place in a seasoned field, Malin and Stanford demonstrated what lies ahead for this talented young Grand Prix. 

Super pirouettes, piaffe and passage and a spectacular trot tour highlighted the ability of this horse. With green mistakes creeping in during tranistions and halts, and a miss in the 2 tempis, this is only just the beginning for this horse. 

Well behaved, focused, and wanting to please his rider, Stanford showed all the attributes needed to be a successful international Grand prix horse. 

Well done to Malin on her debut Grand Prix.  Also thanks to Dommie for her excellent help this weekend and presenting the horses so beautifully. Dom - you are an asset to our team!