News | What a great day at the office!


18-06-2015 |  Todays win in Rotterdam toke me back to the European Championships when Scandic and I won our Bronze medal  - I did not believe that would happen ... and I did not believe today just happened.

Some people may call me a cry baby... but today I cried just as much as when I won that medal.. must be something in the Rotterdam water. 

Scandic went above and beyond today and gave me such a great feeling. Focused and yet still hot, I was able to produce a great test with many highlights. With Eddie and Undercover, and Happy and Johnson in the mix, I never dreamed of finishing in the top slot. As I came out I looked up to the Swedish entourage and they were all screaming and giving me the number one sign.. but I truly did not understand until I saw the score board.

We have a great, supportive entourage here in the Swedish camp, and it is fun to be a part of such a great team. who I might add is running in second position in the Nations Cup here in Rotterdam. 

Student Rose and the young talent Zuidenwind did a great job. More focused on showing a nice trot across the short side, she forgot the halt rein back.. the judges seemed to be focused on this lovely trot also and never rang the bell. Needless to say Rose did a lovely smooth harmonious test and I am very proud of her progress. This duo has an exciting future ahwad of them... watch this space!

What I think is really cool was that some of the jumpers came and watched and took photos... this is seriously cool and I will be returning the gesture!!!!!

Here are alot of great photos from today thanks to my lovely wife .. enjoy.. off to celebrate with my team mates !