News | Malin- 3 out of 4 wins in Falsterbo


13-07-2015 |   It was a huge thrill to watch Malin compete this past weekend in Falsterbo.

A very capable rider with strong nerves and a good feel for riding through a test, Malin created quite the upset win the qualifier for the 5 year olds with Jan Greves Foreign Affair. Ahead of some of europes most talented 5 year olds who have qualified for the European Championships, Malin again confirmed why it is a shame this horse does not represent at the Championships bt winning the 5 year olds final. Malin achieved a huge score of nearly 80% (79.444%), finishing almost 3% infront of the highly successful Franklin. 

With three very good gaits, with canter a true highight, Foreign Affair is truly a world class horse and I could not be more proud of both horse and rider. 

photo copyright Lyndal Oatley 

Malin again showed her strength in the arena, this time on her own clients gelding Don Michelin in the 7 year old first round. Mlain topped the field, with an accurate and smooth test, showing a great walk and impressive changes. Malin finished second on the final day behind Lyndal and Diva, but again Malin produced a smooth and solid test giving her talented future horse every chance to grow positively in the arena finishing on a great score of 71.535%.
photo copyright Kim Lundin
Well done Malin!!!!