News | Debut wins with Floriano and Honnoisseur SJ


11-03-2018 |

Malin has beena  busy bee as always

Finishing the last Ankum of the season with a bang, Malin had wins and big scores with both the Carol and Andrew Oatleys Floriano, and Frank Hennigs Greve bred Honnoisseur SJ.

Floriano is the mighty mouse of the team. Being part of the Oatleys string of horses, 'Fred' as we know him may be a poclet rocket, but he has the ability to pull big scores with his extensions in all passes, expressive changes and super ability for piaffe/passage. Fred has been with us for a few years now since he was competing at L level, and now he can say his is a little aussie who won his first Inter 11 with over 73%. We truly believe Fred has alot to offer and its super exciting to see him grow in confidence and calmness. Malin has done a super job with Fred and cant wait to see what is ahead for Freddo and Malin.

Malin smashed the field in his first ever competition.At M level, 'Hugo'  loved the attention and centre stage and showed great power and potential!. Hugo won, at only 6 years old, with a score of 8,8!.This horse has it all and at 6 already has a clear natural ability for the future!.