News | Deja achieves new personal record in best ever test ride in Doha


06-03-2016 |

What a great end to a great show!.


Still grinning after what must be the best ride feel I have ever had !. Deja danced her way through the Freestyle!. She was on point with every music transition, and produced such a great test and I could not be more proud of her. 


The crowd clapped along to Stevie Wonders Isn't she lovely up the last centreline, and it seemed I was not the only one who enjoyed the test. The judges clearly thought Deja was lovely too with such lovely and positive comments.





The judges agreed, awarding Deja 82.6%  and the win, with great points from start to finish . 


It was a super friendly show, with all the riders enjoying some down time together which was great fun . Huge thank you to the team that kept the stables going while I was away, to miss Marie who is always a rock for me, and owner and breeder Marie Haward who is such a great support and a fantastic person to have around!.