News | Deja Makes it 4 years in a row winning Hagen Grand Prix and Freestyle


24-04-2016 |



Deja cracked over 80% again today to win the Grand Prix Freestyle, giving her the win in Grand Prix and Kur in Hagen for 3 years straight. after winning the small tour before her transition to Grand Prix also in Hagen, I am so unbelievably proud of this dream of a mare.

After one of her best Grand Prixs to date, winning the Grand Prix with 77.2%, Deja was over 2 1/2 percent ahead of the next competitor. Deja is feeling in super form and I am excited for the competitions ahead.  With 8s over much of the test in both GP and Kur,  Deja stayed with me despite a flying bag tossing in the wind through the trees grabbing her attention by A in the Kur. 

Dude was in arguably the onen of the toughest start fields of the year so far, and he held his own against the German A team finishing in 8th position in bothe the Grand Prix and the Special. With scores of 73.8 in the Grand Prix, and 72.569 in the Special, Dude is always tries his hardest and gives his all. With piaffe passage a highlight, Dude did us all proud this weekend.

Studentds Mary Hanna and Rose Mathieson also competed in Hagen, with Rose achieving a great score in the Grand Prix to reach the final on Sunday, with only some needed miles riding her new freestyle in the competition arena hoilding them back from even better scores. Mary practiced with some new changes to her training in preparation for the Australian qualifications. After not being in Germany for long, Mary made expensive errors costing valuable points but in the process gained the learning she was looking for in the lead up to the qualifications. 

A huge thank you to my staff at home and at the show, especially Miss Marie and Donald for their long hours at Hagen. With Well Done and Evander along for experience, it was early mornings and late nights! Great work team !. Also thanks to my owners and sponsors for their continued great support!. 

A final thank you to the fabulous Pedro, who every year brings so much energy and fun to the sport with his crazy outfits and amaying personailty!!! A true legend in our sport! Thanks Pedro for you fantastic input!

It is nice to have so much support this weekend in hagen and I thank you so much!. Its a great journey!