News | Diva follows in her mothers footsteps at Outdoor Gelderland clinic


07-07-2017 |

Diva returned to the show arean to help me with a clinic for Outdoor Gelderland.

Normally ridden by my wife Lyndal, her family kindly lent me Diva for the clinic and she really did us all proud.

Feeling more like her Mum, Deja, than I had anticipated, Diva went through the warm up stretching and showed how we train. This lovely mare was happy to be back in the arena after a long time redeveloping her after a lung virus nearly ended her life. It was agreat moment for my wife to see her back in the arena after a year of work to return her to this stage.

I love the atmosphere at Dutch shows, and this really is a fun show with a huge atmosphere and a great crowd!. 

Thanks Happy and Eddie for the invite! I have a great time!