News | Double Debut in Grand Prix for Well Done and Brother De Jeu


02-02-2017 |

I just love this horse!. Welly and I rode our debut today in Ankum in the Grand Prix. The feeling this mare gives is simply exciting, and with such great potential in all the collectives, this lovely mare has a very special future!. With inexperience and slight nerves showing in between, the score was  not reflective of the work this mare produced, and I am thrilled with her focus and ability in her debut.  The youngest of the start list at 9 years old, time is on our side and I truly believe this may be one of the best horses I have ever sat on. 

Welly finished third with 71% and I can not wait to feel the power and elegance of this special mare in our next test.

A special thank you to Wellys owners, Francoise and Muriel Trembley for their support and trust with their gorgeous girl.

It was also the Grand Prix debut of Antonia Ramel and her Brother De Jeu. This pair has so much promise and the duo did a super job to finish in 4th position with 69.5%. With great piaffe passage, flowing trot half passes, clean changes, and accurate halts, the pair did a great job in their debut with much more to come!.