News | Dude dazzles at the beautiful Peterhof


15-09-2015 |

Dude, aka Delaunay, has kept going from strength to strength in recent months.

Gaining increased confidence and calmness with each outing, Dude did not disappoint and is beginning to really show what he is capable with 2 smooth, harmonious and accurate tests - each with him clearly enjoying himself with a very happy smile on his dial!.

Placing 3rd behind the impressive Isabel Werth and the up and coming star of the German team Cosmos with Sönke Rothenberger, Dude really did a wonderful job to score 73.6 in the Grand Prix and 76.550 on the Freestyle.

I am super proud of Dude!. His talent for piaffe passage is clear, and is perhaps the most talented horse I have ever ridden in these movements and the transitions in between, with some 9's awarded, but in the future I think this can be his lowest mark throughout this sequence of movements.

Thanks to the Oatley family for the ride, but especially to Carol Oatley, whose belief in Dude has always been the driving force behind this talented horse!