News | Dude wins World Cup Debut in Kaposvar


19-10-2015 |

It was a very good weekend in Hungary for the entire team!.

Dude, aka Delaunay produced two personal bests to win both the Grand prix and the Freestyle.  With 75.120% in the Grand Prix, and 78.475% in the Kur, Dude is really feeling secure in the arena, and puts his all into every performance. This horse has such an exciting future ahead of him!. With piaffe, passage and the tranistions between a highlight, Dude is developing inot the world class horse we knew he was and is showing great ability!. 

Mads Hendeliowitz and Jimmie Choo produced two very good rides, and a personal best in the Grand Prix with 72.540% with even a 9 given for a super line of one times changes. Mads finished 3rd in the Grand prix, and fourth in the Freestyle with 73.575%. This duo has really developed with a new revised training program and the results are clear to be seen. Based on this weekend, Mads and Jimmie are clear contenders for team representation next year!.

Lyndal was out to gain her first qualifying score for the Australian Olympic criteria and did just that with 71.8 % in the Grand Prix and 4th position. The pair then backed it up by jumping a place in the Kur for 3rd and a score of 74%. Much progress has been made over past months with Lyndal and Nissa, and the scores are reflecting this with 8's for piaffe and extensions. 


Thank you to the organisers and sponsors of the event!. It was a very well run show, and the organisers did all they could to make the riders feel welcome and for the competition to run successfully. It was great to see such a big crowd in a not so horsey area for the Grand Prix. Families, schools, little kids and grand parents all lined the stands and made for a great atmosphere and competition !