News | Juliette, Mary and Yuko compete in Aachen


31-05-2018 |


The new competitions at Aachen this season has been a welcomed inclusion for up and coming combinations and for riders aiming for WEG selection.

For Juliette, it was a chance to gain experience with her up and coming Grand Prix horse Wallstreet, amd they did not disappoint. Only narrowly beaten fot the win in the Grand Ptix, Juliette did a super job guiding her younger Grand Prix gelding through the test. The test had power, harmony and flow, with many highlights.Juliette finished second in the Grand Prix with 72.239 and third in the Special with a score of 71.234.

Mary is on the hunt for scores to fulfil the adjusted Australian WEG criteria. The duo looked super in the awrm up, and in the Grand Prix seemes to search sometimes for their mutual understandig. Despite some errors, the rest of the test had great expression and colllection. Mary and Boogie finished as the top of the Australians with a score of over 67%, but turned it around to produce a much more accurate test in the Special for a 5th place and over 69%.

Yuko and the expressive Chupa Chuo are in the early days of their partnership. Aachen was only their second competition, and with Yuko based in Japan with her family, the rides on her new horse have been limited to date. The pair have enormous potential, but need experience and time to know eachother. This was the case in Aachen. with the pairs score depicting their early stages of a partnership with a score of 65.565%.  Thank you to Joakim for traveling with Chups and helping Yuko, especially as it was his birthday!.


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