News | Mads into the Swedish Olympic team - making 3 students, 7 horses and myself Rio ready!


10-07-2016 |

What a proud day !!!

It has been a long road to Rio for Mads and Jimmie Choo . With 4 wins in Italy, a win in the Grand Prix at the Swedish Championships, placings in Rotterdam, and now winning the Grand Prix In Falsterbo with a score of 73.5%, Mads great form throughout the season has finally been acknowledged with selection to the Swedish team as the travelling reserve!.

Mads has made clear goals this last year with the aim of Olympic selection, and has truly devoted himself to the cause. Staying focused, driven, hardworking and diligent, it is now so nice to see Mads able to be a part of the team in Rio !

This makes for an exciting Rio , with myself traveling with Deja, but with Delaunay as my reserve (and Scandic is qualified but will be enjoying his green paddock), Lyndal with Sandro Boy, Mary with Boogie Woogie and Umbro as her reserve (making up half the Aussie team), and now Mads and Jimmie!. I am super proud of everyones achievements .