News | Malin has super Inter 11 debuts with Bon Ami and Carlton Hill


22-01-2017 |


It was a good day to start the competition year of 2017 in Ankum.

Malin had two debuts in the big tour this weekend, with both Carlton HIll and Bon Ami showing great promise and potential.

Bon Ami was a star, with many 8's awarded and great highlights in piaffe, passage and the pirouettes. Only small communication errors and his inexperince held him from challenging the top place, but Bon Ami really showed he will be a fantastic Grand Prix horse, showing himself with confidence and focus.  Bon Ami finished 4th in the Inter 11 with  70.746%, and 3rd with over 69% in the Short Grand Prix. 

Carlton Hill also jumped up to the big tour. With a strong trot tour, he began very strongly. Some inexperience in this level cost points with a couple of expensive mistakes, but Carlton tried from start to finish.