News | SAAB Ridsportens Innovationer training day success!


04-08-2018 |




It was a fantastic day, with the all the junior, young rider and U25 Swedish riders coming down to visit for the day thanks to sponsor Saab!.

Starting with demonstration rides, Malin and myself rode horses from 6 all the way through the training scale to demonstrate training and preparation and development through the various stages.  Following this it was video critic, watching each riders test to analyze and find ways of improving, andd also studied the very best of the world in each age group.

To watch some highlights of the day please follow the link provided


A huge thank you to all my team for all their hard work preparing for the day. It was a massive team effort and I have a great team around me that only enhanced the day and made it all the more better. 



More information: visit this website.