News | Scandic puts us on the top of the World Cup leader board!


30-01-2016 |

Scandic is proving to be quite the bottle of good red - getting better with every year!.

In the strongest field I have even seen, Amsterdam wasa spectators dream with the best of the best out to qualifer for the world cup final. 

Scandi man did not disappoint, and he did 2 super tests and I could not be more proud of him. It crazy to think with score of 75% in the Grand Prix you can finish  in 7th position!!!!! Just showing how strong this field was!. 

Scandic again did a greeat freestyle, one of his best ever in my opinion, and finished just shy of 80%.

The crowd was simply great, and I can not thank the Amsterdam crowd enough for always being so positive and encouraging - a standing ovation, especially when not in your homeland is something very special so thanks.


Scandics performance has pushed me to the top of the FEI World Cup Rankings list which is an added bonus to finish a great competition!