News | Success in Geneva with WellDone and Torveslettons Quattro


10-12-2017 |

It has been a very busy few weeks, and a quic change over to head to Geneva. An important show for my Swiss owners of Well Done, this was a cmpetitino that could not be missed on a personal level. 

It was a super loud and energetic competition, and slightly too early for the young Grand Prix mare Welly. In only her first indoor competition, the loud warm up and busy riding schedule fit around the jumping show cases made  preparation not the easiest and this had an impact on her performance. Despite the atmosphere and adrenalin seriously making  Welly very anxious and nervous, she was still able to give me as much as she could and trust me. A massive break into canter in the first extension was costly, and the walk was very tense, but the lovely young mare did all she could to work with me and I can not ask for more in this sense. Welly finished the Grand Prix with 72% and 4th position, and then upped the anti for third in the Freestyle with 75.5%.  Welly is a super talent and we will return home to reboost her confidence but this lovely mare has it all and her heart is as big as her ability.

It was lovely to spend time with Well Dones owners and breeders who have so much passion for their horses and the sport.

Student Anna Blomgren Rogers did a super job with the mega talent Quattro. This pair is only newly into the International sport and are really making headlines. The duo notched up another win in the special with over 72%, and given time and added strength and experience at this level the pair will be really ones to watch in 2018!.