News | Successful first Stallion Show with Sezuan at his home Peterhof


10-02-2018 |

It was my pleasure to present Sezuan on his home turf for Prof. Edwin Kohl and Arlette Jasper Kohl at Peterhof. 

Photos courtesy of Siegbert Altenhofer

I have ben really happy this the progress we have made as a new partnership in recent weeks, and this lovely, big hearted stallion is truly a pleasure to ride. 

Sezuan showed his development in piaffe and passage, and I am super excited for the direction we are heading together. 

Thank you as always to  Prof. Edwin Kohl and Arlette Jasper Kohl for their hospitality. The duo are very generous to the Equestrian sport, and aarlettes love of her horses is second to none.