News | Toy Story makes great comeback in super style


23-12-2015 |

It was smiles all round, with Toy clearly enjoying being back in the competition arena in Frankfurt.

Toy finished with over 72% in the Grand Prix, with a glitch in the tempi changes pulling down the score. Despite the error, Toy gave me such a great feeling- focused, happy and positive. 

Upping the anti in the Freestyle, Toy struted his stuff with positive power and enthusiasm, and again I could not be more thrilled -finishing a very close 3rd with a score of 76.475%.

Toy came home, and returned to the paddock with his friends, where he lives outside. A last chance effort to keep Toy happy after a health issue, we opted to put Toy in the field full time to relax and graze.  This turned out to be the best thing we could do, and slowly but surely he has returned to competition work. Toy will only do the occasional competition when the timing and feeling is right, with the rest of the time spent with his mates Weltspiel, Pasteur and Potifar.