News | Welly and Ellie Shine in Cappeln


17-08-2018 |


Well Done de la Roche and Elvive went to the the beautiful Cappeln generously run by the Max-Theurer family. This lovely show makes the riders and horses feel very welcome and was a pleasure to be able to compete at the is competition. 

Well Done  gave her best feeling to date in the Grand Prix and is truly becoming the horse I know she can with time. The lovely, sensitive mare produced beautiful work in the piaffe, passage tour, and the canter tour was accurate and well executed. Welly did me proud and finished with over 75% to take the win. In the Special Wellys demons came back a little with nerves coming to the forefront. She tried her heart out, but on the second day is still not as settled as the first. None the less she produced no mistakes and finished right behind student Juliette Ramel.

As always it was lovel having Wellys owners and breeders with us at the competition for support!.

Photo courtesy of Koen Gomes

Juliette and Buriel have really developed in recent months and I am so very proud of them both!. The proudest 2 great tests, but in the Special they really shined bright!. They won the Special with a score of 76% and I believe these two can really be pushing high come WEG!

 Elvive came for her first International!. What a great horse this young talent will be!. She won both the Inter A and the Inter 11 with scores of 73.4 and 74.5%. This lovely mare is the future horse for wife Lyndal, and is owned by her parents Carol and Adnrew Oatley. I am having a great time stealing this talented mare whilst Lyndal can not ride, and think the two will have a lot of fun together!.