News | Welly gets better and better in Rotterdam


25-06-2018 |

I was super proud of Welly over the weekend in Rotterdam.  Developing from strength to strength, this young mare is just beginning to show what she is capable of in the arena!.

Welly did a super Grand Prix filled with highlights. I am super proud of her, finishing 3rd in the 5 star with a score of 75.804%, achieving a perosnal best for her!.  Her lack of experience in the big compeititons showed in the Freestyle, but with a late change from the Special to instead go for the Freestyle to help my team mates, it was a little too much. Despite this, she calmly entered the arena in walk and for this I am super proud. She showed moments of brilliance and the feeling was amazing, and i can not wait to get out with her again. Welly finished in 2nd position in the Freestyle with a score of 77.5%

Photo courtesy of Frida Näslund

Student and fellow Swedish team mate Juliette did a great job with both her horses. An unfortunate trip in the last centre line of the Grand Prix cost major points for Buriel, but she came out ready to go and did a brilliant Special to finish 3rd with 73.596%. With her up and coming Grand Prix gelding Wallstreet, the pair did some super work and are beginning to develop in the arena. The pair finished 2nd in the Special for the 3 star with a great test. Juliette is a great newer member to the team. She is a great rider, with great focus and commitment, and works really well in the team and I am super proud of her progress and attitude.